Analyzing Cryptocurrency Applications in Custom GPT Construction

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Applications in Custom GPT Construction

The text talks about⁢ Custom GPTs or GPT Assistants released by OpenAI. General-purpose Transformer (GPT) assistants ⁣are advanced, tailored versions of chatbots used for specific functions. They can be built with expanded ⁤knowledge and instructions, then ⁣published for others to use. The​ author emphasises the potential in learning​ how to create these custom GPTs, stating ⁤that OpenAI plans to create‍ a “store” where people​ can publish their chatbots and be compensated for their use.

The author provides an example of a simple piece of code that retrieves the price of a stock and explains how, with GPTs, equivalent applications can be created with less technical skills needed. The author claims that businesses can be built around these GPTs, potentially generating significant revenue.

The author⁣ plans ‌to introduce tutorials in the future, ‍explaining how to harness and work with these custom GPTs, providing concrete use-cases, and discussing their potential market impact.


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