Exploring Cryptocurrency through Custom GPTs: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring Cryptocurrency through Custom GPTs: A Comprehensive Review

This text is about a new tool called custom GPTs (short for Generative Pre-training Transformers) or GPT Assistants, recently released by OpenAI. The author,⁤ Alex CH, is explaining the features and uses of​ GPTs, and how anyone can profit from them.

The GPTs are specifically tailored versions of chat GPT, tailored for specific purposes; they can be built and extended with any ‌instruction, expansive knowledge, and actions. One key advantage of these GPTs mentioned is their potential for monetization -⁢ once built, they‌ can be published for others to use. OpenAI plans ‌to incentivize this by paying creators whose GPT gets used.

Alex CH also uses ‍code examples to demonstrate how GPTs can ‍be built, mentioning an agent that retrieves stock prices.‌ He notes that while creating this​ used to require coding, OpenAI has now made‍ it possible to create a GPT with just a few clicks, making the process less intimidating for those without coding experience.

The text appears ⁣to be an introduction or precursor to a more detailed guide on how to create and publish GPTs for profit.


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