Future-proofing My YouTube Success: 2023 Channel Startup Tips!

Welcome to our blog‌ post! Today, we ⁣will ⁣be​ diving into the exciting world ⁣of YouTube and exploring the secrets to future-proofing your ⁤success on this platform. In a recent YouTube ​video titled “”, the speaker shares their valuable insights and experiences gained over the past six years in the ⁢YouTube industry.⁤ They have condensed their⁤ knowledge into a⁤ three-part‌ framework, specifically ⁣designed for those who are⁣ starting a YouTube channel from scratch. This framework, known as the part-time YouTuber blueprint, has already been taught to over‍ 2,300 students through the popular Parttime ⁤YouTuber Academy. So, whether you are ‌brand⁢ new to making videos or have zero experience, this framework will guide you ‍towards ultimate success on YouTube.

The first level of this ‌framework is called “get going.” The speaker emphasizes the importance of simply starting and overcoming the hurdle that prevents many aspiring YouTubers from taking that first step. By creating three initial⁣ videos, even if they are unedited or made on a phone, you can gain‌ valuable ⁢insights​ into your passion for making videos and your potential for ⁢growth.⁢ The speaker acknowledges that everyone starts off with little skill in the beginning, but⁤ by getting ⁢started, you are making progress ‌and flirting with the idea of a YouTube lifestyle. So, if you‌ find yourself ⁤overthinking about your niche or worrying about how others may⁣ react to your channel, ‌level one encourages you to take the leap ‌and just get going.

In this blog post,⁣ we will ⁣explore each level of the framework‍ in detail, providing ‍you with actionable tips and tricks ‌to make your YouTube journey a success. So, if you have ever dreamed of becoming ‌a YouTube sensation, ​stay tuned for our next blog post where we will delve into level one of ​the part-time YouTuber blueprint. Get ready to unlock the secrets of YouTube success and future-proof your channel for ⁣years to come.

Level One: Getting Started – ⁢The First Three ⁣Videos
Overcoming the Hurdles of Starting a YouTube Channel
Tips for ⁢Flirting with YouTube: Exploring the ⁤Lifestyle Choice

If⁢ you can get these three things right then ​you’re completely ⁢Off‍ to the Races and your channel ⁤will explode and you’ll become a millionaire. In this video, I’m going to condense my last 6 years of experience on⁤ YouTube into a three-part framework⁣ for channel success. This framework is ​called the Part-Time⁢ YouTuber⁣ Blueprint, ⁢which ‍is based on the methodology taught in⁢ my course, the Part-Time YouTuber Academy.

The framework consists of three⁢ levels, and we will begin with Level One: Getting‌ Started – The First Three Videos. Starting a YouTube channel ‍with zero experience can be intimidating, ⁢and the fear of not getting started holds many aspiring ⁤YouTubers back. To overcome this ‌hurdle, ⁣I recommend simply making three videos⁣ to⁤ get the ball rolling. These videos can be shorts, unedited clips,‍ or even‌ recordings made on your phone. The objective of this stage ​is to create a channel, upload your⁤ videos, and start building a presence on YouTube.

Think of these first three videos⁢ as the first three dates in the⁤ dating world. You’re getting to know YouTube and seeing if you vibe with it. Don’t worry⁢ if your​ videos are not⁣ perfect or if you feel inexperienced. Just ‌like any skill,‍ it takes time to improve. The key is to make an effort and take that initial step.⁤ Often, overthinking and concerns about your niche⁤ or how others ⁣will perceive your channel‍ hinder progress. Level One encourages you to push through these doubts and make those first⁢ three videos. Remember, YouTube is a lifestyle ‍choice, ⁣and by flirting with it during this ‌initial phase,​ you can evaluate how you ​feel about creating content regularly for years ⁣to come.

If you’re completely new‌ to YouTube and have no idea‍ where ‍to begin, there are plenty ⁢of free resources available to learn basic skills such ‌as handling a camera, editing videos, creating thumbnails, and starting a YouTube channel. ‌Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold you back. Take​ the leap‌ and start your‍ YouTube journey today. So, ‌get going ‌and make those first three videos. Your future ⁤YouTube success starts now!


Q: What is the three-part framework mentioned in the ‌video?
A: The‌ three-part framework is called the ⁢”part-time YouTuber blueprint.”

Q: How many students has the speaker taught this system to?
A:⁣ The speaker ⁤has taught this system to more than 2,300 students over the last 3 years.

Q: What is level one‌ of the framework ‌called?
A: Level one is called “get going.”

Q: What is the purpose of ⁤level one?
A: The purpose of level​ one is to encourage individuals to start making videos by creating their first‍ three videos, ​even if they have zero experience.

Q: What can hold people back from starting‍ a YouTube channel?
A: Overthinking and concerns about niche, content,​ and potential reactions from ⁢others can hold people back from starting a YouTube channel.

Q: What comparison does ​the speaker make to the first three videos?
A: The⁣ speaker compares the ‌first three videos to the⁢ first three dates ‌in the dating world,‍ where ​you’re trying to get to know someone and see if you vibe with them.

Q: How does the speaker suggest ‌making the first three videos?
A: The⁣ speaker suggests making the first‌ three videos on a phone‌ without any editing, just speaking to the ‌camera‍ and uploading them to a new ⁤YouTube channel.

Q: What is the speaker’s ⁣perspective on getting good at making videos?
A: The speaker ‌acknowledges that getting⁤ good at making videos takes time, and the initial videos might not be great. However, it’s⁢ important to ​make an effort and get​ started.

Q: What ​is the purpose⁢ of level one in the framework?
A: The purpose of level one is to overcome the hurdle of not⁣ getting started and⁤ to allow⁢ individuals to gauge how they⁢ feel about making videos.

Q: What lifestyle ⁢choice does ‌the speaker⁢ mention in ​relation to YouTube?
A: The speaker mentions that YouTube‍ is⁢ a lifestyle choice because ‍it requires making videos regularly for‍ several years.

Q: What advice does the ‍speaker give to those who have no knowledge about starting ⁢a YouTube channel?
A: The speaker mentions that there are many free resources available for those who ⁣don’t know anything about‌ starting ​a YouTube channel and suggests utilizing them. resources and tutorials available online to help you get ‍started. Don’t let the fear of not knowing everything hold you back from taking that first step. ⁢Remember, everyone‌ starts somewhere.

Once you’ve completed ‌your first⁢ three videos and familiarized yourself with the basics, it’s time to move on to level two of the framework: ‍refining your content. This is where you’ll start honing your skills and finding your unique ⁤voice as a creator. Experiment with different video formats, explore topics that interest you, and pay attention to viewer feedback. Use this stage to build your confidence and develop your style.

Finally,‌ we⁣ reach level three: growing your channel. By this point, you’ve gained some experience and have a better understanding of what works for your ⁣audience. Now it’s ⁤time to focus on growth strategies​ and building a community. Engage with your viewers, collaborate ‌with other creators,​ and optimize your videos for search and discoverability.‍ Consistency and dedication‌ are key to achieving long-term success on YouTube.

Starting a YouTube​ channel ⁢can seem daunting, but remember that every successful creator was once ⁣a beginner too. It’s important to ‌be patient and⁣ persistent. ‌Rome⁤ wasn’t ‌built in a day, and neither will your channel. Embrace the process, learn from​ your⁢ mistakes, and never stop improving.

So, if you’re ⁢considering starting a YouTube channel or have ⁤already taken the plunge, remember the part-time YouTuber blueprint. Get ⁣going, refine‌ your content, and focus on growth. Who ⁣knows, with passion, dedication, and a willingness⁣ to learn, you‌ might‍ just be future-proofing⁣ your YouTube ‍success for 2023 and beyond.

Now go out there, create, and let your channel explode with creativity. Happy YouTubing!


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